Our story

            We are Thiep, Duong and Khoi - a group of close friends and also the team behind "The Horizon Cruise". The starting point for our  project is our longtime profession as travel guides and seafarers. Captain Khoi has many years of experience driving the ships. And most importantly we have a common passion which is traveling, exploring new cultures and promoting cultural exchanges with the desire to introduce the beauty of Vietnam - the people and the country - to our international friends. Let us take you to one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam and discover the majesty together.

          Since its inception, The Horizon Cruise has developed a sustainable business related to environmental protection and identifies itself as project protecting the ecosystem of Vietnam. Especially helping the fishermen who live in Bai tu Long Bay is one of the main intentions. With the support of the government and local people, this program guarantees a pristine environment in the future so that visitors and also next generations may continue to visit our bay. We believe in environmentally responsible travelers who are commited to a better future.