About the amazing Bai Tu Long bay - Van Don bay

Posted Date: 30-12-2018

Most people know about the magical beauty of Halong Bay and UNESCO has recognized it as World Heritage. But if you keep continuing northeast for about 100 kilometers to China’s border – about a 40-minute-drive away – and you will reach Bai Tu Long Bay, which has become a dreamy spot for anyone coming to Vietnam in search of a unique holiday experience.

Bai Tu Long Bay is an important part of Halong Bay, but while Halong Bay has been heavily exploited by large numbers of tourists, The Horizon Cruise offers an off-the-beaten-track adventure to natural seascapes of pristine beaches, deserted limestone pillars and remote floating fishermen villages. Cruising through the untouched waters of Bai Tu Long Bay promises a vacation of unique experiences, far from heavily touristic areas. The Bay is beautiful, wild, clean and less busy. You will be amazed at how beautiful mother nature is.

Join us on the Horizon Cruise to explore the untouched Bai Tu Long Bay!

What will you see in Bai Tu Long Bay?

1. Bai Tu Long National Park

Bai Tu Long National Park is a preserved area located in northeastern Vietnam. I was established in 2001, succeeding the former Ba Mun Natinoal Conservation Zone. The national park is located within Bai Tu Long Bay, surrounded by thousands of islands and rocks that one of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. Besides a rich diversity of fauna and flora, the park also offers beautiful sceneries and a pure, clean environment. You will find several swimming beaches, such as Minh Chau beach with a length of 3 kilometers lying between smooth white sand and emerald water. Bai Tu Long National Park is a composition of terrestrial area of 61.25 km2 and an aquatic area of 96.58 km2. The park includes around 40 islands and rocks. The national park also includes a buffer zone of approximately 165.34 km2, which is located in a larger area including five communes: Minh Châu, Vạn Yên, Bản Sen, Quan Lạn and Hạ Long. The total population of the core zone and the buffer zone is around 24,000. Biodiversity Bai Tu Long Bay national park complex has five kinds of ecosystems: the rain/broad-leaf forest, limestone forest, littoral forest, coral area and a shallow water area. The eco-tourist site is home to 672 species of terrestrial plants and 178 aquatic floral species, of which 11 species have been listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of endangered species. It also hosts 170 species of terrestrial animals, including nine species listed as endangered in Vietnam’s Red Book; 119 species of fish; 132 species of invertebrate animals; and 106 species of corals.

2. Phat co cave

One of the best destinations in Bai Tu Long bay Bai Tu Long Bay consists of large and small islands. Visitors will not only experience the life of people in the fishermen village but also visit the unique cave on the island. Phat Co cave is a wild cave located on Bai Tu Long Bay, in the center of Phat Co island. It attracts both domestic and foreign tourists due to its rare natural beauty, pristine limestone stalactites and beautiful surround landscape. To visit the cave, visitors walk up about 20 stone steps, placed under the foliages and craggy cliffs which brings in a feeling of climbing on the heaven’s gate. Known as „The Theater in the Center of the Sea“, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the mysterious beauty of gorgeous rosin’s hanging inside the cave. The ceiling of the cave shines with its glittering stalactites, which create unique images: the stone statues, stone dragons and flowers will make you feel like you are in a different world.

3 Cai Rong fish farm and floating villages

In Bai Tu Long Bay Cai Rong floating village is a place where local fishermen reside. Walking through Cai Rong floating village, you will see the balance between nature and the people living among the beauty of the bay here. This village is an off-the-beaten-track destination on your path to discovering the world heritage sites after Halong Bay. With Bai Tu Long Bay day cruises, the floating village shouldn’t be missing in your itinerary. Taking a chance to come here and you will feel a peaceful and quite space. Moreover, it is a unique and insightful experience to live with the locals for a day while taking part in fishing. Bai Tu Long Bay Tripadvisor Here are some very nice words of excellent reviews on Tripadvisor wrote for Bai Tu Long bay