Which harbor do we visit in order to board the day cruise to Bai Tu Long bay?

Posted Date: 26/4/2019

You may choose to take a day cruise at Hon Gai Harbour or Cai Rong Harbour (highly recommended) in order to get a day-trip to Bai Tu Long bay.  However, we would recommend you to board the cruise at Cai Rong Harbour in Van Don District (you'd expect to see more fishing boats and oyster farms) because the main harbour at Hon Gai is usually much more crowded with other tourist boats.

Bai Tu Long bay and Bai Tu Long national park is located in the east of Halong Bay, just about 40 minutes away via the new expressway. The Horizon Cruise can offer you an exclusive travelling experience to Bai Tu Long bay, as we can take you to the most secluded (also beautiful) part of the bay.

Apparently, do you know that there are two easier ways to get to Bai Tu Long bay? You can either get there via the new Expressway from Hanoi (approximately 3 hours by car to destination) or you can choose to take a flight to the new international Airport in Van Don district. Also, Bai Tu Long Bay is now accessible by taking a day cruise from Hanoi.

At Bai Tu Long Bay at Van Don, you will be surprised at how incredibly clean and peaceful it is.  Imagine that there are only a few fishing boats without the disturbance of thousands of tourist boats swimming around in Halong Bay. There,  you will also expect to row your boat amongst the sight of floating villages and aquatic farms everywhere. The water there is unbelievably clean and the colour of the sea is jade green. You will also find it amazing to jump off the boat and dip your body into the freshwater of the bay. 

Kayaking and caving can’t be missed in Bai Tu Long bay as well. You can paddle between the Karst Islands or the oysters farms. You will be pleasantly surprised to find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere. Not forgetting, there are plenty of great opportunities for you to take a hike in the beautiful mountains and at the same time be amazed to discover all the best views of the bay too!  If you were an avid fan of photography, you will definitely have a lovely time up there !