What can you do with 1 day cruise trip in Bai Tu Long Bay ?

Posted Date: 29/3/2019

With a new Express way Hanoi - Van Don, Bai Tu Long Bay can be reached in just nearly 3 hours driving - so you absolutely can do Bai Tu Long Bay cruise just for 1 day. And travelling a little bit further than to crowed Halong Bay is absolutely worth as in Bay Tu Long Bay you will not find thousands of other tourists. And you will be surprised what you can do with Bai Tu Long 1 day cruise

The horizon cruise is the only and the first travel agent who organizes Bai Tu Long Bay day cruise from 2018. Just for one day but you will have a special experience in unspoiled Bai Tu Long Bay and also some great activities in the bay like Kayaking, swimming, hiking and caving

With spectacular limestone islands surrounding and clean jade water in Bai Tu Long Bay, kayaking is an absolutely amazing thing to do here: enjoying the stunning sceneries from the kayaks, kayaking in between the limestone islands, getting around very calm lagoon. And you also have chance to jump off the boat and dip in very clean and green water, just relax in a very cool jaded water.

You also have chance to see a spectacular Dong Trong cave with a lot of limestone stalactites and stalagmites. And you don't have to stay in the queue for more than half an hour like in Halong bay. After visiting the cave you will start hiking to the top of Dong Trong island where you can have the best observation in Bai Tu Long bay. From the top, you can have such an amazing view to Cai Rong fish port with hundreds of fishing boats, the floating village and thousands of limestone islands.

With only one day with Bai Tu Long day cruise, you are gonna have all of the interesting activities in the bay like kayaking, swimming, caving and hiking, it's worth to go to an unspoiled Bai Tu Long bay and enjoy the sceneries by your way.