Squid fishing in Bai Tu Long bay

Posted Date: 26/2/2019

Squid fishing at night is very popular activity of the fishermen in Bai Tu Long  bay, Van Don district. The fishermen just go fishing on very small wooden boats with many big lights on that.  The fishermen have to fish nearly all night and come back in the early morning.

The best season for squid fishing is normally after the traditional new year,  from February to April, when the temperature getting warmer and a little hazy . People said the more it’s hazy the more squids thay catch.

There are 2 main ways to fish the squid here, with the big squids they normally use fishing rods and racquets and  if they want to catch any kind of quid then they use the net.

In the squid season  one squid boat can get about 100 kilos of squid a night so they can earn about 2 millions, that’s also very good way to earn money of the fishermen here.