Quan Lan Island - the land of most beautiful beaches in Northern Vietnam

Posted Date: 12/3/2019

Quan Lan is a remote island on Bai Tu Long bay, a part of Van Don district, Quang Ninh province, Vietnam.Quan Lan island has an area of 11 square kilometers stretching from Van Don mountain range to Got mountain with several towering mountains on its eastern side, creating a natural protection against winds and waves from the sea.









How Quan Lan island is special?

Located in the population of Bai Tu Long national park and belong to the Gulf of Tonkin. The place is known as hundreds of    baby dragons descended and swam.  Quan Lan Island is an island situated in that complex where is flat and many residents live on it for a long time with fishing villages along the island. This is a wonderful land where generous nature brings countless benefits. The island not only gives you beautiful landscapes but also preserves the long-standing historical value of thousands years history building and maintaining the nation of Vietnam. It covers a large area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers, Quan Lan Island along with Ba Mun, Phuong Hoang and Ngoc Vung ... lied chokepoint in the east of Bai Tu Long Bay with a length stretching for kilometers. It considered a natural citadel preventing waves from the sea to protect Vietnamese..

Coming to Quan Lan island, you will have wonderful experiences.  Dubbed the most beautiful beaches in northern Vietnam with fine sandy beaches stretching like endless.  You seem to get lost in the paradise of Maldive Bay.  Soaking in a clear blue jade water  is an unforgettable experience.

The main transportation on this island are Tuk Tuk. So sometimes it's look like in Phuket beach in Thailand.


What can you do on this island?

There are three most beautiful beaches on Quan Lan island;  Quan Lan, Bien Ngoc, Minh Chau.  By renting a bicycle or motorbike from homestays you can freely visit the island.  Quan Lan and Minh Chau are the two main beaches with many services but you can visit smaller beaches along the coast where there are no people.  You can spend the day relaxing reading sunbathing books on the beach without anyone bothering


In the morning, waking up with women going to the fish market is an unforgettable experience.  Many fishing boats landed after a night of hard work returning from the sea with a lot of crab and shrimp and things you may not have seen before.  The market usually opens in the early morning at 5 am and ends at 7 am.  Right opposite the market, you can visit the temple of  national hero Tran Khanh Du who is hero in the 3rd resistance war against the Mongolian in 1288. Besides, it is Quan Lan communal house with over a thousand years of history as a relic  nation.




People and speciality on the island

The current population of the island is about several hundred households with 7,000 inhabitants.  and up to 70 percent still work in fishing and aquaculture.  today with the development of tourism, 30 percent of the population works in the tourism industry by opening homestay, restaurant or tuk tuk services transport tourists visiting the island. Most people on the island grow up in the sea as fishermen so they are friendly and make tourism with smiles.


The seafood you can not ignore when visiting this beautiful island in addition to shrimp, squid, crab ... then Sa Sung is a dish that everyone wants to be tested at least once.  These are the sand worms that the villagers cleverly dug up from the sand.  It brings high nutritional value. It is also an important source of income for women on this island

How to get to Quan Lan from Cai Rong  Pier:

There are many ways you can go to this island:

-Book for a private boat from Halong Bay with long cruise but this way is not recommended because it takes many hours.

-Take speed boat from Cai Rong pier to Minh Chau or  Quan Lan (Duration - 45 minutes): The cost on normal days : 100.000 vnd  (5 usd) one ticket / one way. The cost in weekends : 140.000 vnd (7 usd)/ one ticket/ one way

-Book a tour with The Horizon Cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay for 1, 2 or 3 days trip with everything is included (the only cruise company in Bai Tu Long bay depart from Hanoi or Cai Rong pier). For more information you can visit “thehorizoncruise.com” or mail to 



What season should we visit island?.

-The best time to visit island is beginning of spring from December to May when is not too hot and not too cold.

-During the summer time from June to November ( stormy season) the island can be a bit busy due to Vietnamese holiday or the boat trip can be delayed due to the safety.