Oyster farming in Bai Tu Long bay - Van Don district

Posted Date: 14/2/2018

Farming oyster has just become the main income for the people living in Bai Tu Long bay – Van Don district – Quang Ninh province. The farmers have expanded their oyster cultivation area in Bai Tu Long bay in 2019 three times bigger than last year and the oysters also have really high source of nutrition.

Bai Tu Long bay in Van Don district has favourable natural conditions like good temperature, clean water bay and acceptable level of salt for farming oyster.

In Bai Tu Long bay the farmers grow oyster by hanging them on the floating bamboo rafts, and tie them to the rocks around the bay. They have to find the places surrounded by limestone island so that the water is very calm and well protected from the typhoons.

Oysters just get food from water and grow up naturally, oyster farming in Bai Tu Long bay needs from 6 to 8 months before harvesting.

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