How to travel to Co To island in Bai Tu Long bay

Posted Date: 24/5/2019

Co To island in Bai Tu Long bay is a brilliant destination for young people who love adventures with a wonderful day cruise through thousands of Karst islands. The cruise is also suitable for families who are looking for an unforgettable getaway and relax on peaceful beaches. We offer everything you need for an amazing trip to Co To island.


Traveling to Co To island means you’re choosing an awesome place to experience the sunrise. Moreover, Mi rocky beach can’t be missed, with limestone cliffs – stunning in fron of the ocean – that have been created in the last thousands of years. Also, the gorgeous sandy beaches in Co To are the best in Northern Vietnam with white sand and blue sea water, it’s awesome to dip in the lovely clean water.

How to get to Co To Island?

From Hanoi you firtly have to travel to Cai Rong fish port. If you travel by Motorbike, it’s quite a long journey of approximately 200km, and you have to pay an extra ticket to carry your bike on the boat.

A more convenient oprtion is traveling by bus while also enjoying the countryside with lots of rice paddies on the way.

There are some limousine busses that can pick you up at your own place for about 200,000-250,000 vnd/ ticket such as:

Van Don Xanh limousine

Ha Thanh limousine

Phuc Xuyen limousine

You can also go to My Dinh bus station: Rhere are many busses to Cua Ong city that will cost you about 150,000 vnd/ ticket but you have to take another local bus from Cua Ong to Cai Rong port. This will take you about 30 minutes.

Which boat do you get to go to Co To island from Cai Rong port?

A speed boat for about 250,000vnd/ ticket will take you there in 90 minutes. They’re opened from 6:00am to 16:30pm.

A traditional wooden boat will take you there in 150 minutes for about 100,000 vnd/ ticket, leaving at 7:00 AM every day and coming back from Co To at 7:00 AM the next day.

The Horizon Cruise is a good quality boat, that will get you through Bai Tu Long bay and ensure some amazing experiences in the bay like swimming, kayaking and hiking to Dong Trong island for the best view of Bai Tu Long bay. Then the boat will drop you in Quan Lan or Co To island upon your request. You can see more on the website

How to get around in Co To?

There are many different ways to get around in Co To such as an electric cart, private bus, motorbike and bikes.

Where to stay in Co To island?

For the past 5 years in Co To, new hotels and guest houses have been built, offering good prices, starting at 300,000 vnd for a Homestay/Guest House and from 700,000 vnd for Hotels and Bungalows such as the following: Co To Group hotel, Dien Mung hotel, Chau Khanh hotel, Thanh Mang hotel, Co To village bungalows.

What to see in Co To island?

 ⁃ My rocky beach – The best place for Sunrise and Photos

 ⁃ Happy road – A romantic road with beautiful treelines, good for walking and outdoor partying

 ⁃ Co To church – A new  beautiful church that was built in 2013

 ⁃ Ho Chi Minh statue – located near Happy road to memorize Ho Chi Minh, who visited the island in 1961

 ⁃ Co To lighthouse – 1 of 30 important lighthouses in Vietnam that was built in 1961 with 101m height.

 ⁃ Van Chay beach and Hong Van beach are some great white sandy beaches for swimming

 ⁃ Small Co To Island – The best beach here and a must-see in Co To.

What to eat in Co To Island?

 ⁃ Definitely fresh seafood in Co To such as: sea worms ( Sá Sùng), mantis shrimps, razor clams, dried squids and many more!