Gulf of Tonkin - Bai Tu Long bay is a treasure

Posted Date: 4/5/2019

Taking a traditional wooden boat and get around Bai Tu Long bay for 1 day is the best way to discover The Gulf of Tonkin, beacause Bai Tu Long bay is the most peaceful part unspoiled by Tourism.



What is Tonkin? Tonkin was a French protectorate encompassing modern Northern Vietnam during the period of its colonialism. Upon invasion of the Indochinese Peninsula (its colonies include Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia), the French embarked on the exploration and exploitation of their colonies. At that time, Vietnam was segregated into three main parts: Tonkin (the Northern Region), An Nam (the Central Region) and Cochinchine (the Southern Region).



The Gulf of Tonkin is a large area that stretches across the North Vietnam coast, with a total distance estimated at 1553 square kilometers. There are 3 famous bays nearby, which encompass Halong Bay (awarded by UNESCO World Heritage), Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Long Bay. As Tonkin Gulf is situated right smack in the geographical region that is often affected by the tropical monsoon climate, the region is, therefore, teeming with incredible biodiversity. With 3000 limestone islands large and small strewn across the gulf, the result of millions of years of geological tectonic and erosion has formed an impressive amount of caves, pools, bays, lagoons and coral reefs. Today, in addition to the natural values that the Tonkin Gulf holds, this touristic bay has also contributed massively to the tourism industry of Vietnam



 The majestic backdrops found in some of your favorite movies on the big screen were taken at Tonkin Gulf, i.e. James Bond 007 (2012), Kong Skull Island (2017), and the French classic 'Indochine (1992)’ are some of the most notable examples. The seascape of Tonkin Gulf has been replicated in countless movies and documentaries as its poetic scenery has indeed made a dramatic backdrop for different filming purposes.



The only cruise departs from Van Don. Voyaging down the bay with The Horizon Cruise, you will expect to be surrounded by spectacular sceneries that are set against the backdrop of the fascinating history and culture of the Gulf of Tonkin! This natural wonder of the world is undoubtedly the magnificent work of Mother Nature. If you are planning for an off-the-beaten-path sea vacation at Bai Tu Long Bay, The Horizon Cruise (one of the most reliable Cruise companies located in Hanoi!)– is definitely your best choice.